Team Events

Cross Country

AVOHK participates in the HKAAA organised cross country events. You can run as an individual and in a team.  If you run as part of a team your individual result will also count.

Recently the HKAAA cross country series has gone from a series to one race and the relay events has been removed, however this could change so watch out for news

For information about the Hong Kong Cross Country Championships please refer to www.hkaaa.com

Please note that to count as a part of the team you have to be a HKAAA member.  We also have to register you as a member three weeks before the race. All those who wish to take part and who are not HKAAA members, please urgently download and fill in the form for membership on the HKAAA website (https://www.hkaaa.com  send it to ‘The Club Captain, AVOHK, PO BOX 28893, Gloucester Road,  together with your cheque for $80 payable to “Hong Kong Amateur Athletic Association Ltd” and two photos of yourself for membership.

If you are a number already and want to take part, please provide your HKAAA number, year of birth and name as in ID Card.

Martin Kennard is co-ordinating team events please contact him on martinavohk@yahoo.com


Other Team Events

AVOHK want to reinstate our team entries to local road, trail and track races when a team option is offered.  Many of the HK marathon Pro organised races have teams as does the HKAAA organised HK half marathon in January.
Everyone is welcome.

Martin Kennard will be co-ordinating all team entries bar track events martinavohk@yahoo.com

To find out about the latest track meets and to enter a track race through AVOHK please contact us catherineavohk@gmail.com

Mark Reeves will be co-ordinating the track entries  –  more info here when we have an event to publicise.