AVOHK Athlete of the Year Award

AVOHK Athlete of the Year

Since 2002 AVOHK have awarded the Athlete of the Year trophy. This goes to an AVOHK member who has over the previous year had particular success in events, made an outstanding personal achievement in their running or made a significant contribution to AVOHK. Obviously many of our members are no longer setting PB’s but there are many other criteria to apply when deciding who merits the award. Race results, participation, contribution to the sport , assistance to the club all play a part in deciding who merits the award.

Please direct all nominations and comments to the Chair

Roll of Honour

  • 2002 Mark Williams (no ladies award)
  • 2003 Bill Purves (no ladies award)
  • 2004 Neil Tait (no ladies award)
  • 2005 Yeung Oi Yim (Ladies) Freeman Lee (Men’s)
  • 2006 Ross Milburn (no ladies award)
  • 2007 Gillian Castka (Ladies) Martin Kennard (Men’s)
  • 2008 Catherine Leonard (Ladies) Ancient Mariners – Stuart Leonard, Peter Tanner, Chris Wardlaw, Peter Wong (Men’s)
  • 2009 Jane Hogskin (Ladies) Matt Jones (Men’s)
  • 2010 Angelina Kong (Ladies) Bill Purves (Men’s)
  • 2011 Grace Wong (Ladies) Patrick S. Ford (Men’s)
  • 2012 Olya Korz (Ladies) John Lane (Men’s)
  • 2013 Cindy Tsui (Ladies) Mark Reeves (Men’s)
  • 2014 Elaine Hall (Ladies) Juergen Schuster (Men’s)
  • 2015 Rachel Sproston (Ladies) Freeman Lee (Men’s)
  • 2016 Rebecca Lau (Ladies) Mo Devlin (Men’s)
  • 2017 Angelina Kong (Ladies), Mike Capper (Men’s)
  • 2018 Rebecca Lau (Ladies), Ross Milburn (Men’s)
  • 2019 Amy Mumford (Ladies), Frank Pilkington (Men’s)
  • 2020 Janine Canham & Virginie Goethals (Ladies), Ken Greer (Men’s)
  • 2021 Evelyn Fowler (Ladies) & John Fowler (Men’s)