2020 China Coast Marathon - Online Entry Live

2020 AVOHK Gammon China Coast Marathon – Sun 19th Jan 2020 – Online Entry Live
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 “The 40th running of the Beautiful Race
AVOHK are pleased to announce that the 2019/20 AVOHK Reservoir Series is now Open for Online Entry.

Sat 12th Oct – Aberdeen Reservoir Race – Report

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The weather at Aberdeen Reservoir was hot and humid but 125 runners turned out for the first of the four races in the AVOHK 2019/20 Reservoir Series.  Sam Fletcher flew round the nearly 13km course and one of Hong Kong’s most beautiful trails in a very quick 46mins exactly and looking very comfortable at the finish.  Sam was closely followed by Adil Zizi who came home 2nd in 46 mins and 25 secs with Giuseppe Mollica (M40) 3rd in 50 mins and 5 secs.  In the men’s age groups there were wins for Sam Fletcher (MO), Chris Davis (M35), Giuseppe Mollica (M40), Reto Merazzi (M45), Tin Sang Nam(M50), Jonathan Gilchrist (M55), Herman Chu (M60), Kenneth Greer (M65), Yan Kwong Cho (M70), Tsang Chi Sing (M75) and it was great to see AVOHK’s super masters runner John Fowler back on the trails and winning the (M80+).


In the ladies competition Amy Mumford(W40) led the ladies home in a very quick 58 mins and 7 secs followed by Rachel Sproston (W45) in 1 hour and 5secs as 2nd overall lady with Imogen Short (W35) in 62 mins 34 as the 3rd lady overall.  In the ladies age group there were age group wins for Jenny Sugden (WO), Imogen Short (W35), Amy Mumford (W40), Rachel Sproston (W45), Sian Abete (W50), Belinda Greer (W55), Mon Yun Chow (W60) and Evelyn Lim (W65).


Thank you to all those that stayed behind for the age group medal presentation it was very much appreciated.  A big thank you to all the AVOHK Club volunteers and the many others that supported this event.  A special thanks to Frank Riehm, Ken Greer and Belinda Greer who came out very early to mark the course and put the arrows out.  Ken and Belinda then ran the race and winning their respective age groups!!


Reminder all 4 races count to overall age group positions.

   Race 1 :  9am 12 October 2019, (Sat) Aberdeen Reservoir (12km) Race Entry List: Click Here
   Race 2 :  9am 23 November 2019, (Sat) Tai Lam Chung Reservoir (15km)  
   Race 3 :  9am 14 December 2019, (Sat) Tai Tam Reservoir (11km) 
   Race 4 :  9am 15 February 2020, (Sat) Shing Mun Reservoir (8km) 
Minimum age: 16
AVOHK have gone green please bring your own water bottle.  Plenty of water available for refills 
Have a great series.
AVOHK Committee


AVOHK 5K Series 2019 – Sponsored by Comprador – Race 4 at South Bay and Overall Results
Overall Series Results (Best 3 out of 4 Races) : Click Here for Overall Series Results
AVOHK 5k Series 2019 – Race 3 at Bowen Road – Results
AVOHK 5k Series 2019 – Race 2 at Tai Tam Tuk – Results
Race 2 Results:  Click Here for results
 AVOHK 5K Series 2019 – Race 1 at Wan Chai Gap – Results
Race 1 Results:  Click Here for Results

On a very humid and damp Saturday at 8am the first race in the 2019 AVOHK 5K series got off to a great start with 292 runners turning up.  This year AVOHK are very grateful for the generous sponsorship of the 5K Series by Comprador.   Due to the overnight rain the course was slippery in places and very testing due to the nature of this undulating course around Mount Cameron and Black Link’s.  Jeff Campbell (M35) one of Hong Kong’s leading trail runners made light of the conditions and flew round the course in 17 mins and 12 secs to be the first runner home.  Harry Loadsby (MO) was in 2nd place in 18 mins 31 secs and Chris Davies 3rd in 19 mins 3 secs.  Leading the ladies home was Caitriona Jennings (W35) in a very quick time of 20 mins 34 secs, followed by Annie Birch (LO) in 21 mins 30 secs and closely followed by 3rd lady overall Nicole Chui (LO) in 21 mins  42 secs.  In the age categories there were some outstanding performances by Rafe Man (MJ 14-15) in 19 mins 8 secs, Wing Sing Kwok (M65) in 23 mins 26 secs and Ross Milburn (M75) in 29 mins 10 secs to name a few.  Whilst in the ladies some equally outstanding performances by Amy Mumford (W40) in 22 mins 47 secs, Angelina Kong (W50) in 23 mins 39 secs and Belinda Greer (W55) in 27 mins 51 secs.  It was great that Tony Steains, Comprador CEO who not only ran the race but was also on hand to present the eco friendly medals to the first four in each age category.  A big thank you to Race Director Freeman Lee and all the volunteers that made the first race in the 5K series such a success.  Well done to all the runners and see you all at Race 2 at Tai Tam at 8am on Saturday 31 Aug 2019..


Many thanks to Comprador for their generous sponsorship


2019 AVOHK AGM – 7pm Thurs 13th June 2019 at Cafe 8


Thank you to all those members that attended AVOHK’s AGM at Cafe 8.  A good night was had by all.  A big thanks to Andrew Cox from Joint Dynamics who was our guest speaker.  Congratulations to Amy Mumford who was awarded 2018/19 AVOHK Female Athlete of the Year and to Frank Pilkington who was awarded 2018/19 AVOHK Male Athlete of the Year.  Very worthy champions.





Malcolm Phillips 5K – Sat 11th May 2019 – Results

The 2019 Malcolm Phillips 5k race was held on Sat 11th May 2019 in very warm conditions.  97 runners turned up for this iconic age graded race.  Craig Downie led the runners home in 18 mins 26 secs and was also the first in the age graded mens results with an age adjusted time of 15 Mins 21 Secs.  In the ladies Megumi Matsui led the ladies home in 19 mins 24 Secs but it was Gillian Castka who won the ladies with an age adjusted time of 18 Mins 16 Secs.  Big thanks to Elaine Hall and Derek Irwin as co-race directors in ensuring everything ran smoothly and a big thanks also to the many volunteers from AVOHK and HKLRRC who provided that necessary support.  Cindy was on hand to present the prizes.


Results:  Click Here for Results





marathon-Top 3                                                                              half-marathon-top-three 

marathon-results-Overall                                                           half-marathon-results-Overall

marathon-avohk-member-women-over-40                         half-marathon-avohk-member-women-over-40

marathon-avohk-member-men-under-40                           half-marathon-avohk-member-men-under-40 

marathon-avohk-member-men-over-40                              half-marathon-avohk-member-men-over-40     

marathon-john-lane-tankard                                                   half-marathon-avohk-member-women-under-40

marathon-age-categories                                                                             half-marathon-age-categories


2018 AVOHK/HKLRRC Christmas Party

2018 AVOHK/HKLRRC Christmas Party  (Video)




2018/19 Permasteelisa Reservoir Series – Race 4 Results & Overall


Race 4 and the final race in the 2018/19 Permasteelisa Reservoir Series was held at Shing Mun on Sat 12th Jan 2019. The race was held in wonderful bright sunshine and Jean-Marc Smits the Chief Operating Officer of  Permasteelisa sent the runners on their way. The AFCD had closed the 5k jogging trail due to a landslip and the Club decided to put on an out and back course of approximately 8.2k. This made the course extremely undulating and unrelenting for the runners. This did not seem to phase Giuseppe Mollica who raced to another very good win in a time of 34 Mins 10 Sec (also first M40) followed by David Wo in 2nd place in 34 Mins 53 Secs with Rayda Kezaz a further minute back in 3rd place in 36 Mins 1 Secs. The first woman home was no surprise with Amy Mumford (Also first L40) coming an incredible 4th place overall in 36 Mins 5 Secs with Suzanne Gifford 2nd lady home in 39 Mins 30 Secs and Imogen Short 3rd lady in 44 Mins 16 Secs. In the age group categories there were very good wins for M45 Stephens Higgins, M50 Thomas Hardcastle, M55 Man Nga Au-Yeung, M60 Ken Greer, M65 Chak Yan Chan, M70 Tsang Chi Shing, M75 Frank Pilkington and the fine example to us all M80 winner John Fowler. In the Ladies wins for L45 Carmen Wong, L50 Rebecca Cho, L55 Belinda Greer, L60 Lam Yuet Ming, L65 Wing Han Yeung. Thanks again to all the volunteers from the club and their friends who helped make this race a big success.


The overall series results of the 2018/19 Permasteelisa Reservoir Series were based on the results of all 4 races and runners must have competed in at least 2 races to obtain an overall series position in their age category. Jean-Marc Smits from Permasteelisa the series sponsor was on hand to present the overall series category prizes. The first 3 in each age category also won Parkin Shop Vouchers in addition to their trophy. A big thanks to Permasteelisa the series sponsor without whom it would be very difficult to hold this event and a big thanks also to the many runners that came out and ran in one of Hong Kong’s oldest race series and keeping this event very much alive.  The races were held in the following locations and with age categories up to 80+


Race 1 – Tai Lam Chung Reservoir – 9am Sat 13th Oct 2018: Results:  Click Here for Race 1 Results  Age Category   Click Here for Top 3

Race 2 – Aberdeen Reservoir – 9am Sat 3rd Nov 2018 Results:   Click Here for Race 2 Results  Age Category   Click here for top 3  

Race 3 – Tai Tam Reservoir – 9am Sat 15th Dec 2018 Results:  Click Here for Race 3 Results   Age Category  Click Here for Top 3   

Race 4 – Shing Mun Reservoir – 9am Sat 12th Jan 2019 Results:  Click Here for Race 4 Results  Age Category Click Here for Top 3 by Age

 .Overall Series Top 3 by Age Category:  Click Here for Series Top 3 by Age    Overall Series by Age Category:  Click Here for Overall by Age Category


 2018 AVOHK 5K Series – Results for Race 4 – South Bay – Sat 29th Sept 2018 and Overall ResultS


We were again blest with wonderful weather for the 4th and final race of the AVOHK 5K Series at South Bay.  Harry Loadsby led the runners home in a very fast 15 mins 29 secs for a great win with young Pauline Courret leading the ladies home in 17 mins and 36 secs.  Pauline competes in the 12/13 age category and also finished 11th overall.  Thanks again to Race Director Freeman Lee and all the volunteers who made the race possible but also to all the runners for coming out and supporting the AVOHK 5K series.  Todays results and overall results are below:


Race 4 Results :  Click Here for Race 4 Results

Overall Series Results:  Click Here for Overall


AVOHK AGM – 7pm Thurs 14th June 2018 at Cafe 8


Congratulations to Ross Milburn and Rebecca Lau on being awarded  AVOHK Athlete of the Year at the 2018 AVOHK AGM.  Very worthy winners.




Great talk by our guest speaker Chris Watts from Motion Dyamics on Mobility



AVOHK  organise this historic event in conjunction with the HKLRRC in memory of long time AVOHK and Ladies Road Runners member Malcolm Phillips, who so sadly died in May 2006.  Malcolm was a great AVOHK supporter and active member, both participating in races and as an organiser. He is so sorely missed by all but especially by the running community. Malcolm is always in our thoughts.





Thank you to all the volunteers that manned the checkpoints and provided the additional variety of refreshments to the runners.  Also a big thank you to the team that marked the  64K course the day before and to the team that delivered that all important commodity water (no bottles this year).  It was a wonderfully well organised race by Dave Smith the Race Director with much assistance from Catherine Leonard and great support from AVOHK Club members and many other volunteers.  The conditions at times were extremely challenging for everyone but the day ended with some nice weather.  Well done to all the winners in the various categories especially to the True Grit winner Brian McFlynn who won in a time of  5 hours 45 mins  which included a 25 minute penalty for arriving too early!! followed by Giuseppe Mollica in 6 hours.  In the ladies Charlotte Cutler and  Ann Cheng-Echevarria came in together in 6 hours 55 mins.  Thanks to all the runners and volunteers that attended the prize giving at Cafe 8 on Wed 18th April 2018.  It was a wonderful evening.  For any queries contact:  roundtheisland2018@gmail.com

RTI 2018 True Grit Results – With Splits

RTI 2018 Whimps Results – With Splits




Race 1 – 9am Sat 14th Oct – Aberdeen Reservoir – Click Here for Results of Race 1

Race 2 – 9am Sat 4th Nov – Tai Lam Chung Reservoir – Click Here for Race 2 Results  

Race 3 – 9am Sat 9th Dec – Tai Tam Reservoir  Click Here for Race 3 Results   
Race 4 – 9am Sat 24th Feb  – Shing Mun Reservoir Click Here for Race 4 Results  Click Here for Overall Series Results

Race 4 - Shing Mun Reservoir       race-4-shing-mun-ladies-winner   race-4-shing-mun-ross-milburn






A big thank you to all the runners that supported this years race.  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and we were blessed with good weather.  Thanks also to all the many volunteers that helped AVOHK put on this event, the Community Chest, Echo’s walking group, Hong Kong Adventure Corps, Taiquain, AVOHK Club Members, the Hong Kong Police (great job on traffic control) and of course our sponsors Gammon who are so special to the China Coast Marathon.  AVOHK could not have put on this event without volunteer Race Directors Dave Smith and Catherine Leonard who spent many months planning and co-ordinating the 2018 Gammon Marathon and Half Marathon.  Dave & Catherine an outstanding job.  For all those asking, Catherine is making good progress after a traffic accident on 25th Jan and is now back at home recovering.


AVOHK have had some very nice complimentary emails from runners and this sums up the event:  From AM:


“Yesterday’s race was awesome and the Organization and logistics were top class. A huge thanks to you , your team and all the volunteers!”


Race Video


Race Pictures:



Marathon :  2018-ccm-marathon-results             Half Marathon:2018-ccm-half-marathon-results


AVOHK Club Results:


AVOHK 1/2 Marathon Men Over 40                           AVOHK 1/2 Marathon Women Over 40(Revised)

AVOHK 1/2 Marathon Men Under 40                         AVOHK 1/2 Marathon Women Under 40

AVOHK Marathon Men Over 40                                 AVOHK Marathon Women Over 40

AVOHK Marathon Men Under 40                               AVOHK Marathon Women Under 40


Marathon – Men
1. Tung Hoi Yip – 2:56:23
2. Robin Fall – 2:57:57
3. Chi Yung Lam – 3:05:00

Marathon – Women
1. Marcia Zhou – 3:21:44 – 4 time winner
2. Yuk Lin Tze – 3:40:44
3. Janine Canham – 3:48:01

Half – Men
1. Samuel Fletcher – 1:18:37
2. Vlad Ixel – 1:19:40
3. Brendon O’Boyle – 1:20:13

Half – Women
1. Yann Kai Oh – 1:32:34
2. Miho Kawabe – 1:34:27
3. Manon Peters – 1:38:48


Any queries please contact chinacoast@avohk.org


25th November 2017 – AVOHK 35th Aniversary Handicap Race


On Saturday 25th November AVOHK celebrated their 35th Anniversary having been formed in 1982.  A 5km handicap run was held in the afternoon starting at Wan Chai Gap over an undulating course.  Chief Handicapper Dave Smith used all his experience and knowledge to be as fair as possible and at the same time making it a fun event.  All claims that they were not that fit fell on deaf ears.  The field of 24 runners contained 1 ex Olympian, 2 former international swimmers and Albert the Dog.  An interesting mix.  Mr Lo was first away and all the runners were a bit concerned when they saw Mr Lo charging up the first hill.  Their fears were realized when Mr Lo came home over 10 minutes in front with a well deserved win followed by the evergreen John Fowler in 2nd place and Ross Milburn in 3rd.  Stuart Leckie making a welcome appearance on the roads and wearing a very historic AVOHK vest scored an impressive 4th place.  Peter Brown an out of town AVOHK Member with his very colorful long stockings and making a flying visit to Hong Kong finished in a credible 5th place.  Peter it was nice to see you again and thanks for dropping by.  Albert the only dog taking part brought up the rear just behind owner Rachel.  In accordance with IAAF rules Albert was removed from the results.  Results can be found here:  Click Here

35th-anniversary-handicap-run-the-winner-mr-lo                  35th-anniversary-handicap-run



AVOHK Casual Club Evening at Cafe 8 with David Bedford OBE Former 10,000m World Record Holder, former World Cross Country Champion and former Race Director of the London Marathon (1986 to 2012) – Guest of Honour for 2017 Gammon China Coast Marathon