Why can’t I give my bib to some one else and other questions

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AVOHK race organisers are ever asked “I can’t run I’m away/injured/have another race can I give my bib to my friend?” They will receive the answer – a firm NO!

Why not – because it messes up the results causing not only the race organiser a huge headache but upsets other runners and secondly because we take more entries up front to allow for no shows. by taking more entries than we know will show up more runners get a chance to enter. We operate in most of our events 5 year age groups and thus an open runner suddenly running in veteran 50 for example may mess up the results. You may not think it maters or you may think your running in another bib is harmless but more often than not IT DOES affect our results . altering the prize lists shifting people up and down is a real hassle and then there is the hassle of re-awarding prizes causing huge hassle to the organiser and other runners.
Entry data is sent to Championchip in advance so as number bibs are prepared with a label with the runners name and category . There has to be a cut off to allow for this, we do not have an office full of admin staff. Our on and off course logistics with water quantities, souvenir order, race permits etc work to a certain number of people , we don’t want waste or too many leftover and we don’t want to run short By calculating entry will have a number of drop outs race organisers can keep entry fees lower.

By far the worst scenario would be a runner wearing another’s bib became seriously ill on course and we would not have any way of knowing who this person was.

Why not a waitlist?- AVOHK don’t operate this system, again it is due to admin and also because it makes our calculations of expected number of runners very difficult. In some cases runners will wait to see who has entered and then calculate their chances of winning a prize if they enter last minute – is this fair?

Enter well in advance, “Buy an Option” – if you cannot run accept your entry is not used, maybe come and help instead if you are injured.

to be continued……………

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