AVOHK AGM 2015 and Athlete Of The Year

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2014/15 Athltes of the Year are Rachel Sproston and Freeman Lee , both have competed copiously over the season and been rewarded with many podium positions and PB performances.

It was a very enjoyable evening at Cafe 8 above the HK Maritime Museum situated at Central Ferry Piers , Pier 8. The bar will now become the AVOHK HQ for meetings. The bar is part of a community initiative and employs staff with special needs giving opportunity for employment in the main stream workforce. The bar is managed by John Macinven a fellow runner and AVOHK member .

Chris Watts founder of Motion Dynamics gave an enthusiastic and extremely informative talk and demonstration on mobility, stretching , posture stressing the importance of good allignment to prevent injury and emphasizing it is never too late too correct imbalances. We will be arranging a group work shop in late Summer for AVOHK members.

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