The Permasteelisa Reservoir Series

2018/19 Permasteelisa Reservoir Series – Online registration now open Click Here for Entry

The races will be held in the following locations and with age categories up to 80+  

Race 1 – Tai Lam Chung Reservoir – 9am Sat 13th October 2018

Race 2 – Aberdeen Reservoir – 9am Sat 3rd November 2018

Race 3 – Tai Tam Reservoir – 9am Sat 15th December 2018

Race 4 – Shing Mun Reservoir – 9am Sat 12th January 2019


 Race 1 – 9am Sat 14th Oct – Aberdeen Reservoir – Click Here for Results of Race 1

Race 2 – 9am Sat 4th Nov – Tai Lam Chung Reservoir – Click Here for Race 2 Results  

Race 3 – 9am Sat 9th Dec – Tai Tam Reservoir  Click Here for Race 3 Results   
Race 4 – 9am Sat 24th Feb  – Shing Mun Reservoir Click Here for Race 4 Results  Click Here for Overall Series Results

Note:  All 4 races counted towards overall position


Race 1 – 9am Sat 12 Nov 2016 – Aberdeen Reservoir.  Completed:  avohk-reservoir-series-2016-17-race-1-results
Race 2 – 9am Sat 10th Dec 2016 – Tai Lam Chung Reservoir. Completed:   res-2-race-results
Race 3 – 9am Sat 25th Feb 2017 – Tai Tam Reservoir.  Completed:  avohk-reservoir-series-2016-17-race-3-results  Overall Rankings after 3 Races:  avohk-reservoir-series-2016-17-ranking-after-race-3-with-position-1
Race 4 – 9am Sat 18th Mar 2017 – Shing Mun Reservoir:  Completed:  avohk-reservoir-series-2016-17-race-4-results

The Permasteelisa Reservoir Series, a mixed terrain 4-race series around the reservoirs of Hong Kong presents an opportunity to run on trails in the most beautiful parts of Hong Kong.

Active maps can be viewed by following these links ignore the dates these maps are correct

Aberdeen Reservoir Race 2013

Tai Lam Chung Reservoir Race 2013

Tai Tam Reservoir Race 2014


2015 /16 Tai Tam and Overall



2013 Overall series results click

AVOHK Reservoir Series 2013-14 Overall Results



Aberdeen Reservoir Race

A scenic course around Aberdeen Upper Reservoir using service road, catchwater and trail.  Approximately 12.5 -13km long.  One water stop where course crosses Aberdeen Reservoir Road.  Route description all distances approximate.

Start finish at barrier on Aberdeen Reservoir Road lower end.  Run  approx 1km to Aberdeen Upper Reservoir Dam ,  cross dam -then  short steep up hill and then follow path  approx 600 metres to left turn “Lady Clementis Ride” this section is now Hong Kong trail reverse direction.  Gradual up hill until left hand turn after aprox 2.5km .  Pass HK trail marker number 38,  400 metres after turn cross Aberdeen Reservoir Road where there will be a water stop. Head up steps (approx 35) onto trail and continue for about 5km to Peel Rise.(HK trail markers 37 – 28)   Left turn and run down hill on Peel Rise  approx 800 metres.  turn left at the bottom of Peel Rise onto  catchwater.  1.4km on catchwater then sharp right turn , run down  to finish area.

Map attached.

Transport to Aberdeen is by bus, minibus or taxi. Go to various transport provider websites for current route information.  Some public carparks on  Aberdeen Reservoir Road.


Aberdeen Res Race Map

Aberdeen Results – Oct 2008

Aberdeen Prizes – Oct 2008

Tai Lam Chung

A very pretty course anti clockwise around Tai Lam Chung Reservoir using service road and trail.  Two water stops; one after approx 5km before joining trail around Tai Lam Chung reservoir;  second on small dam after approx 10km.

Start and finish on main dam. 1st approx 5km on undulating, wide service road. After Water stop 1 join trail section along side the reservoir, this is mainly flat. Towards end of this section there is a steep set of stairs and steep short descent (take care) join service road via final short set of steps. Turn left and follow this road for 300 metres, then turn left  –  Water stop 2. Head over small dam and turn left, course is now  trail, undulating with one uphill section of steps and slope. About 500 metres before the finish enter a bbq site and out of this onto the dam.

Race course will be marked and marshalled.

Map attached


Tai Lam Chung Results & Prizes Dec 2008

Tai Tam

The toughest of the three despite the shortest.  Start  on road outside public car park on Tai Tam  Reservoir Road just opposite Wong Nai Chung Reservoir Park and below Parkview. One water stop at Quarry Gap.

Start outside car park  on Tai Tam Reservoir Road (wong nai chung gap end).  Run up hill to entrance of Tai Tam Country Park and downhill to dam.  Cross dam and turn left, cros next dam and turn left .  After approx 400 metres turn right (signed Boa Vista), gradual uphill on service road getting steeper after 1.5km or so. Come to open area where service road ends and continue on trail.  take first left turn   Follow this trail  uphill to Quarry Gap , trail is rough but not steep.  At end of trail turn left and come to Quarry Gap , water stop, turn left and head down long hill to reservoir and dams.  Cross dam turn right , cross next dam turn right and head up steep hill.  Return to Park entrance  and back down final steep hill to finish inside car park.

Map attached

Tai Tam Reservoir

Tai Tam Reservoir Race 2009 – Prizes

Tai Tam Reservoir Race 2009 – Results

Shing Mun (Coming Shortly)