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Round the Island

2015 Time Trial Sunday 19 April 2015 and 2015 RTI "Do"  on Wednesday 29 April

Entries for the 2015 event now closed

This is an annual ultra distance event of approx 64k, founded by former AVOHKer and past Hong Kong resident Tony Gover.  Over the years the route has been modified and now is a figure "8" from the sitting out area at Wong Nai Chung Gap/Tai Tam Reservoir Road junction. The route follows catchwater's and country park trails around Hong Kong island with as short a distance as possible on main roads. "True Grit" runners cover the entire course themselves. There is also a "Whimp" category for pairs of runners who wish to share the distance or run it in relay fashion. This event features one of the more eclectic of our finisher T-shirts, every runner has their name printed on the shirt.

The start and finish is in the lower sitting out area between the public carpark and Sir Cecils Ride on Tai Tam Reservoir Road at Wong Nai Chung Gap. You choose your start time (the starts are every 15 mins from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m.) to allow you to finish between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. If you finish before 2 p.m., your time will be recorded as if you finished at 2 p.m.  The finish, however, closes at 6 p.m. so that our volunteers can get home.  We ask that you respect this time and if you are unable to finish by 6.00pm you withdraw from the event.

The course is marked with blue dots with three dots in a triangle at each junction , the course will be marked in time for the event , there are last years markings around the course but there are several places where slope works and catchments works have erased the dots.  Please use the written instructions as a guide when reconnoitering the course for the 2014 event. 

This event resembles a time trial and is not a race, runners are NOT permitted to use any mobile aid station.  The following should be used as a guide to your time for TRUE GRIT - Marathon Time x 2

If you compete as WHIMPS, the CHANGEOVER point is at the Start/Finish.

In ODD YEARS the route starts on the north side of the island and heads EASTWARDS, clockwise towards Mount Parker, Shek O and returns to the checkpoint via Tai Tam and Violet Hill. The course then continues on the south side of the island going WESTWARDS, clockwise along Lady Clementis ride, the Aberdeen country park, Pok Fu Lam Country Park, mid-levels and then returns along Bowen Road.

In EVEN YEARS the route starts on north side of the island and heads WESTWARDS, anti-clockwise towards mid-levels and returns to the checkpoint via the Aberdeen catchment , Lady Clementis, Deep Water Bay Road. The course then continues on the south side of the island, going EASTWARDS, anti-clockwise along the face of Violet Hill towards Tai Tam, along the Catchwater below Shek O Road  crossing at the Hobbie Steps , trail to Tai Tam Road near the Crematorium and then more trail  via Mount Parker returning on  Sir Cecil's Ride.

Although there are checkpoints and aid stations entrants also need to ensure they have enough water and supplies for the route.  You are advised to carry a mobile phone, octopus and some money in case you drop out.

Basic Maps in .jpeg format  East Loop and West Loop  

RTI entry is strictly limited to 300 people , entries are acknowledged by email only.  Ensure you write your name or in the case of Whimps names clearly on the form what you write is what  is printed on the event t shirt.  Pick up the  number bib on event morning and register your start time on the morning also.  Timing is by old fashioned stop watch.

There are male and female categories in the true grit  with age groups, in the whimps teams can be male, female or mixed and again there are age groups.  Prizes awarded to winners in all categories and runners up if the number of entries in a category is sufficient.

There is a RTI party "The Do"  where all who finished receive their medal, certificate and t shirt  and prize winners are awarded trophy's.  There is also a lucky draw and buffet meal.   Booking form above.



2015 Results

Ladies True grit   RTI - 2015 - Ladies Finish_1a Sheet1.pdf

Mens Open True Grit  RTI - 2015 - Mens Open Finish Sheet1.pdf

Mens Vet 1 True Grit     RTI - 2015 - Mens MV1 Finish.pdf

Mens Vet 2 True Grit     RTI - 2015 - Mens MV2 Finish Sheet1.pdf

Mens Vet 3 True Grit    RTI - 2015 - Mens MV3 Finish Sheet1.pdf

Whimps           RTI - 2015- Whimps Finish.pdf    

Whimps splits     RTI - 2015 Whimps splits.pdf

2014 results with splits

True Grit Ladies    RTI - 2014 Ladies Results_1.pdf

True Grit Men Open        RTI - 2014 Mens Open Result_2.pdf

True Grit Men V1             RTI - 2014 Mens Vet 1 Results_3.pdf

True Grit Men V2            RTI - 2014 Mens Vet 2 Results_3.pdf

True Grit Men V3           RTI - 2014 Mens Vet 3 Result_1.pdf

All Whimps Teams        RTI - 2014 Whimps Results_1.pdf

2013 RTI  results with splits

all queries to AVOHK please 

True Grit Ladies    RTI2013TGladiesfinalresult.pdf

True Grit Men Open    RTI2013TGMOfinalresults.pdf

True Grit Men V1   RTI2013TGMV1finalresult.pdf

True Grit  Men V2   RTI2013TGMV2finalresult.pdf

True Grit Men V3  RTI2013TGMV3finalresult.pdf

All Whimps Teams  RTI2013Whimpsallfinalresult.pdf


2012 Final Results

2012 Whimps                   
2012 True Grit Ladies     
2012 True Grit Men          
2012 True Grit MV1         
2012 True Grit MV2         
2012 True Grit MV3         



RTI 2011 Overall Results True Grit

Ladies and Mens combined Ladies, Mens

RTI 2011 Results By Category True Grit

True Grit Ladies   True Grit Mens Open  True Grit Men V1  True Grit Men V2  True Grit Men V3

RTI 2011 Splits True Grit

TG Ladies  TG Mens Open  TG Men V1   TG Men V2  TG Men V3


RTI 2011 Whimps

All Whimps   

RTI 2011 Splits Whimps

All Whimps

2010 Men's True Grit Open results here

2009 Whimps Results here
2009 True Grit Ladies here
2009 True Grit Men Open here
2009 True Grit MV1 here
2009 True Grit MV2 here
2009 True Grit MV3 here

RTI - 2006 Ladies Final.xls

RTI - 2006 Mens Final.xls

RTI - 2006 Mens Vet 1 Final.xls

RTI - 2006 Mens Vet 2 Final.xls

RTI - 2006 Whimps Final.xls

RTI - 2005 Ladies Final.xls

RTI - 2005 Mens Final.xls

RTI - 2005 Mens Vet Final.xls

RTI - 2005 Whimps Final.xls

RTI - 2007 - TG Ladies Lo, LV1, LV2 Finish.xls

RTI - 2007 - TG Mens Open Finish.xls

RTI - 2007 - TG Mens Veteran 1 Finish.xls

RTI - 2007 - TG Mens Veteran 2 Finish.xls

RTI - 2007 - Whimps MO, MV, LO, Mixed Finish.xls

RTI - 2007 Ladies Final.pdf

RTI - 2007 Mens Final.pdf

RTI - 2007 Mens Vet 1 Final.pdf

RTI - 2007 Mens Vet 2 Final.pdf

RTI - 2007 Whimps Final (version 1).pdf

RTI 2008 - Whimps Results

RTI 2008 - Ladies Results

RTI 2008 - Mens Open

RTI 2008 - Mens Vet 1

RTI 2008 - Mens Vet 2

RTI - 2012 Whimps.pdf

RTI - 2012 Mens.pdf

RTI - 2012 Mens Vet 3.pdf

RTI - 2012 Mens Vet 2.pdf

RTI - 2012 Mens Vet 1.pdf

RTI - 2012 Ladies.pdf

RTI - 2012 Ladies.xls

RTI - 2012 Mens Vet 1.xls

RTI - 2012 Mens Vet 2.xls

RTI - 2012 Mens Vet 3.xls

RTI - 2012 Mens.xls

RTI - 2012 Whimps.xls

RTI - 2012 Ladies_final.pdf

RTI - 2012 Mens Vet 1_final.pdf

RTI - 2012 Mens Vet 2_final.pdf

RTI - 2012 Mens Vet 3_final.pdf

RTI - 2012 Mens_final.pdf

RTI - 2012 Whimps_final.pdf

RTI - 2015 - Ladies Finish_1a Sheet1.pdf







RTI - 2015 Whimps splits.pdf

RTI - 2014 Ladies Results_1.pdf

RTI - 2014 Mens Open Result_2.pdf

RTI - 2014 Mens Vet 1 Results_3.pdf

RTI - 2014 Mens Vet 2 Results_3.pdf

RTI - 2014 Mens Vet 3 Result_1.pdf

RTI - 2014 Whimps Results.pdf

RTI-DO - 2015 - Invite_1.pdf

RTI - 2015 - Mens Open Finish Sheet1.pdf

RTI - 2015 - Mens MV1 Finish.pdf

RTI - 2015 - Mens MV2 Finish Sheet1.pdf

RTI - 2015 - Mens MV3 Finish Sheet1.pdf

RTI - 2015- Whimps Finish.pdf