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Round the Island Time Trial 19 April 2015
Many congratulations to all who participated yesterday in the RTI Time Trial, it certainly was a trial  in the very high humidity

The overall True Grit winner Yuichi Hayashibara  returned to the finish at 13.45 , a great run but too early so as per the RTI rules was penalised 15 minutes.  The ladies winner Nicole Leung better  judged her finish time arriving well after 14:00 safe from any penalty.
Full results soon on this website.
Thank you to Dave Smith and all his helpers out on course, at the start / finish and in the lead up to the race.  A really good team effort from AVOHK.

The Round The Island "Do" will be held on Wednesday April 29 at the Mariners Club, Middle Road, TST.  It is at this party all finishers are given their medal, t shirt and certificate and the winners their prizes.  Bookings for the "Do" still open please use the form below

There is plenty of information about the RTI on the event page under "our races" section of this website.
Dave Smith is race director and can be reached on roundtheisland2015@gmail.com

Do booking form 
More information please click  here to go to the event page.

2015 Malcolm Phillips Age Graded 5km Run
The Ninth Malcolm Phillps Age Graded Run will take place on Saturday 2nd May at Bowen Road.
This is a run to remember Malcolm Phillips a long time AVOHK member, friend and competitor.  to add a different dimension to the race the results are age graded, that is your finishing time is multiplied by a percentage acccording to your age.  This in previous years has thrown up some interesting overall results and winners.
entry form here

Click here to go to event page for more information

2014 - 15 AVOHK Reservoir Race Series
Dry good running conditions at Tai Tam saw the final race here are the results:

AVOHK Reservoir Series 2015 Results (Tai Tam Reservoir).pdf
AVOHK Reservoir Series 2014-15 (Aberdeen Reservior) Results.pdf

Final Series Ranking

  AVOHK Reservoir 2014-15 Series Results.pdf

Beautiful weather at Tai Lam Chung for Race 1 results:      

Freeman thanks all runners and helpers

China Coast Marathon and Half Marathon18 January 2015
2015 Race 18th January

Congratulations to all the finishers at the 2015 China Coast Marathon and Half Marathon.

The Full was won by Junichi Fujiwara and  Marcia Zhou, the Half was won by Adrian Lowther and Claire Chapman 
AVOHK members prize in the marathon went to Qi Peng Fei in the mens and De Ming Chen in ladies, in the half to Rob Ogden and Catherine Leonard
(AVOHK members prize was open to those who were  AVOHK members at the time of race registration)

Thanks to our Sponsor Gammon and to all our helpers, marshalls and supporting organisations.  Special thanks to Dave Smith our race director and the stalwart AVOHK team.

Marathon Final  Results        China Coast Full Marathon 2015 Results final.pdf

Half Marathon Provisional Results      CCM2015halfmarathonresults provisionalupadted.pdf

Both sets of results are now edited for runners who did not complete the course or run over all the timing mats, the marathon  for runners found to be wearing another runners number bib, half marathon still requires editing. I will add category results to "our races " page soon.

Please could the lady who won the overall third place in the marathon please contact me regarding her prize.
 For enquiries please email catherineavohk @ gmail . com

 Dave Smith at: chinacoastmarathon2015 @  gmail.com

setting up the stage 2014

2014 results and 2015 info click  here.

2015 AVOHK 5KM series
2015 5KM series
Dates for the 2015 series

29 August Bowen Road
12 September Tai Tam
26 September Wanchai Gap
10 October South Bay

Registration to open in June/July

happening elsewhere...
My Yip
From Bill Purves

Yip Lun Ming

An Appreciation

We’re sad to learn of the death of Yip Lun Ming, but we should be celebrating his remarkable life.  He was, after all, the only man to win a world championship in athletics for Hong Kong.

The Yipper was born Japanese.  He was born in Taiwan when I was still a colony.  He managed to avoid serving during the war, but afterward was trapped on the mainland where he lived through Mao’s great famine and the cultural revolution.  He never forgot the famine.  It was amazing to watch him attack a buffet breakfast and then step on the track and attack a 10,000m  twenty minutes later.  After the cultural revolution he managed to escape to Hong Kong where he supported himself assembling garments at home on piecework.  He was sometimes to be seen running through the streets of eastern Hong Kong delivering a bale of his output.

In later life he travelled the world racing in Australia, Africa, Europe and the USA.  His biggest success was his M75 world marathon championship in Durban in 1997.  His picture was in all the papers receiving his medal from a topless Zulu damsel.  He didn’t get any gold bars from tycoons, but Tung Chee-hwa gave him a community service award—a sort of junior bauhinia.  After that he was supported by Nike and earned some money appearing in TV commercials for the Standard Chartered Marathon and the ICAC, among others.

Like many of us, the Yipper never really mastered Cantonese, but he could speak several other languages which no one else could understand.  One of the few who could really chat with him was Yuko Gordon, another world champ, but they spoke in Japanese.  Until one meet in Gateshead where the Chinese team turned up with a toothless old sweetie who spoke Hokkien.  We thought the Yipper had found true love in his old age, but it was not to be.  He raced in several all-China veterans’ meets after that, but we never again saw the sweetie.

He continued running into his 80s and eventually took up the triathlon, to the distress of the Triathlon Association, whose insurance company wouldn’t cover him.  AVOHK used to take out insurance on him, but we never came close to having to collect.  Except for one meet where he was spiked and half drowned in the water jump during a steeplechase.

It was 93 years well lived.


Autumn has finally arrived, the cool weather is great for running. We would like to start holding social run every Saturday afternoon. The social run will aim to choose a route which suits a variety of distance and speed so that everyone can join us. Group running is always fun. The first run will be on 29th November, details as below,

Assembly Place - Hong Kong Tennis Centre, Wong Nai Chung Gap Road. Click the link for the map Hong Kong Tennis Centre

Assembly Time - 16:30

Route - Sir Cecil's Ride

Duration - 30-60 minutes

All members and friends are welcome, please give it a try then we can make it a regular feature.

About 10 car parking spaces thus better to take Citybus #6 or #41 or #75 to the Tennis Centre.

Please bring $5 & $10 coin for locker, shower room is available.

You are welcome to join the Happy Hour somewhere in Wanchai after the run.

enquiry 91869412 or freemanavohk@gmail.com

AVOHK Kit for members

Club kit by Mizuno, shown in the photo, modeled by Phil and Holly Booth.

It is excellent value at HK$100 for a vest and HK$100 for shorts.  Various sizes and the womens kit is ladies fit, please contact Phil Booth for information and purchase.  There is also some old kit still available again Phil has details.

click to email him Phil Booth

Overseas meets - a chance to run for HK
Bill Purves co ordinates our overseas Veterans participation in various meets and events, he has a regular mail out of meets . To get on the mailing list please send a message to Bill.
The 2015 WAVA games are in Lyon , France in August we are sending a team to  receive more info please contact Bill .
 shtb @  i-cable.com

AVOHK AGM 2015 and Athlete Of The Year

The AVOHK AGM will be held on Tuesday16th June , venue to be advised.

Nominations please for Athletes of the Year.

Run for AVOHK , Road ,Trail and Track.
Martin Kennard and Mark Reeves have answered the call and will act as Club Captains for team and track races.  Martin will handle team entries for races that have a team option and Mark Reeves will enter AVOHK members into HKAAA track meets .  For the latter most require you to be a HKAAA member. 
Please check this website and Vicents newsletter and AVOHK emails for events, if you see an event you would like to enter as part of a team contact Martin on martinavohk@ yahoo . com
contact details for Mark to be advised for the meantime please use the avohk enquiry mail

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