2016 Malcolm Phillips Age Graded 5km

Apologies to the ladies  winners and second place-  results have been slightly amended,  The winner is now Tracy Tory  and second place goes to Rebecca Lau.  Men’s results are unaffected.

Congratulations to AVOHK members Tracy Tory and Mo Devlin  (pictured with Cindy Lau) who won the ladies  and mens races .  Tracy in an in an age graded 18:52 (age graded from an actual run time of 21:07) and AVOHK member Mo Devlin won the mens  in 15:10 (age graded from 17:55)

This race is held to remember our friend Malcolm Phillips who  was a long time member of AVOHK and the Hong Kong Ladies Road Runners Club, a serving officer in the HK Police he also ran for Police Athletics club and was a popular figure as both a competitor and organiser at many running events.  Cindy his wife was at the run to give out the prizes and his family back in UK send best wishes to the runners in Hong Kong.

Thanks to all the helpers on the day.

Please email Catherine Leonard who organised the run on catherineavohk@gmail.com if you  have any questions

Full results on this file

author: Colin Whittington