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China Coast Marathon and Half Marathon 31 January 2016
Well done to all the runners  in the 2016 China Coast  Marathon and Half and Congratulations to  Marcia Zhou and Lam Chak In who won the overall women's and men's marathon and Oh Yann Kai and Matthew Clarke who won the overall women's and men's half marathon.  Notable AVOHK performances from  Rebecca Lau (WV60) who ran 2:02:23 in the half and Ross Milburn (MV70) who recorded 2:01:21  in the half. 
The John Lane Tankard was won by a very happy Wong Kin Kwong.

Thank you to all our helpers on Saturday and Sunday, to the organising committee  who is in reality very much a "one man band" -  namely  Dave Smith and  the supporting AVOHK members  and AVOHK friends.

Attached are the prize lists and the overall results for each race.    
Full marathon prize lists   
China Coast Full Marathon 2016 prize lists.pdf

Half Marathon prize lists   
China Coast Half Marathon 2016 prize lists.pdf

Full marathon results     
Half marathon results    

AVOHK Member Prizes           CCM2016_AVOHK_awards.pdf

If anyone has links to photos please let us know and we will post them.  Also  we need some high quality photos for Distance Runner , the AIMS publication. 

Problems or query's then please email Dave Smith at chinacoastmarathon2016@gmail.com

Top of  the Hill water stop team acting as a buffer to the string gusts, the wind made it a challenge to keep the cups upright.

2015 AVOHK 5K series
2015 5KM series is now complete.  Congratulations to all series category winners.

2015 Final Series Results
AVOHK 5k Series 2015 - Final Series Ranking.pdf

Results for Race 1    
AVOHK 5k Series 2015 - Category Result (Bowen Road).pdf
AVOHK 5k Series 2015 - Overall Result (Bowen Road).pdf

Results for Race 2
AVOHK 5k Series 2015 - Race 2 Category Result (Tai Tam Tuk) .pdf
AVOHK 5k Series 2015 - Series Result (Race 2).pdf

Results for Race 3
AVOHK 5k Series 2015-Race3 Overall Results (Wan Chai Gap ).pdf
AVOHK 5k Series 2015-Race3 Category Results (Wan Chai Gap ).pdf
Series Results 2015.pdf

Results for Race 4
AVOHK 5k Series 2015 - Race 4 (South Bay) Category Results.pdf

AVOHK 5k Series 2015 - Race 4 (South Bay) Overall Results.pdf

Race dates for 2015 Series
29 August Bowen Road
12 September Tai Tam
26 September Wanchai Gap
10 October South Bay

2015 - 16 AVOHK Reservoir Race Series
Many thanks to our sponsor Hong Kong's leading curtain walling company Permasteelisa Group

Due to permit problems the last race cannot be held on Sunday 20th March 2016 is now confirmed for   9:00am on  Saturday 19 March 2016. 

Anyone who has entered the series or race three and cannot make this date please contact AVOHK.

Race 1  Sunday 18 October 2015 Aberdeen
Race 2 Sunday 14 February 2015 Tai Lam Chung
Race 3  Saturday 19 March 2016 Tai Tam Reservoir

Race 1 Congratulations to Chris Wharton and Saskia Bowers won overall, full results here    AVOHK Reservoir Series 2015_16 - Race 1 Result.pdf

online entry via this link


Round the Island Time Trial 19 April 2015
Many congratulations to all who participated  in the RTI Time Trial, it certainly was a trial  in the very high humidity

The mens winner has been corrected and we congratulate Issac Yuen who won  in 5.48.  The ladies winner Nicole Leung ran a superb 6.42  First whimps team was Teddy Wu and Michelle Leung in the mixed vets in  6 hours 13 minutes.
Results are now on the Our Races tab, Round The Island.
Thank you to Dave Smith and all his helpers out on course, at the start/finish and in the lead up to the race.  We had 8 checkpoints, a really good team effort from AVOHK and our supporters. Top photo is the feast that awaited the runners at Po Shan Road thanks to Maria Lee and Stephen Kwan .
A relaxed looking Taylor Sun, in the True Grit category with  Bowen Road CP8 Team Leader Yvonne Wong  -  the CP8 Team  -  a welcome site for runners with around 4.5km to the finish .

There is plenty of information about the RTI on the event page under "our races" section of this website.
Dave Smith is  perpetual race director and can be reached on roundtheisland2015@gmail.com
More information please click  here to go to the event page.

2015 Malcolm Phillips Age Graded 5km Run
Castka & Campbell Capture Malcolm 5km
Gillian Castka won the the ladies in a superb age graded 16:39 and John Campbell in 15:58.
On the attached results  the actual time ran is on the left and the age graded time on the right.  Top 5 Ladies were all AVOHK members and 4 of them also HKLRRC, 4 out of  the top 5 men were AVOHK members.  Click  for    2015 Results    Remember these are age graded using the percentage from the 5K Road Race on the  WAVA tables . As usual we had some interesting times, Stefano despite running an actual 17:36  was age graded into 7th place  and a sprighlty run by Evelyn Fowler saw her age graded time put her in the prize list.
Thanks from Catherine, who puts this race together, to our helpers including Stephen Kwan for writing and working the results programme, our turn around duo John Casey and John Howes, finish line crew, Geoffrey, Juergen , Dave, Pam, Maria, Angelita, Venus, number bib distributor Vicent, sweeper Martin Kennard, fruit and chocolate buyer Grace.  This is a really enjoyable club event supported by our club members and the HKLRRC of which Malcolm was also a member.  A pleasure to organise .
Pictures "The Start Line" and "Cheers"

  Please  go to event page under Our Races tab for more information

happening elsewhere...
This website will soon be relaunched .  Thanks to Colin Whittington and Paul Ngan who have worked on the site giving it  a much needed new look.

Why can't I give my bib to some one else and other questions
AVOHK race organisers are ever asked "I can't run I'm away/injured/have another race can I give my bib to my friend?" They will receive the answer  -  a firm NO!

Why not -  because it messes up the results causing not only the race organiser a huge headache but upsets other runners and secondly because we take more entries up front to allow for no shows.  by taking more entries than we know will show up more runners get a chance to enter.  We  operate in most of our events 5 year age groups and thus an open runner suddenly running in veteran 50 for example may mess up the results.   You may not think it maters or you may think your running in another bib is harmless but more often than not IT DOES affect our results .  altering the prize lists shifting people up and down is a real hassle and then there is the hassle of re-awarding prizes causing huge hassle to the organiser and  other runners. 
Entry data is sent to Championchip  in advance so as number bibs are prepared with a label with the runners name and  category .  There has to be a cut off to allow for this, we do not have an office full of admin staff.  Our on and off  course logistics  with water quantities, souvenir order,  race permits etc work to a certain number of people , we don't want waste or too many leftover and we don't want to run short By calculating entry will have a number of drop outs race organisers can keep entry fees lower.

By far the worst scenario would be a runner wearing another's bib became seriously ill on course and we would not have any way of knowing who this person was. 

Why not a waitlist?-  AVOHK don't operate this system, again it is due to admin and also because it makes our calculations of expected number of runners very difficult.  In some cases runners will wait to see who has entered and then calculate their chances of winning a prize if they enter last minute -  is this fair? 

Enter well in advance, "Buy an Option" -  if you cannot run accept your entry is not used, maybe come and help instead if you are injured. 

to be continued...............

AVOHK Kit for members

Club kit by Mizuno, shown in the photo, modeled by Phil and Holly Booth.

It is excellent value at HK$100 for a vest and HK$100 for shorts.  Various sizes and the womens kit is ladies fit, please contact Phil Booth for information and purchase.  There is also some old kit still available again Phil has details.

click to email him Phil Booth

AVOHK AGM 2015 and Athlete Of The Year


2014/15 Athltes of the Year are Rachel Sproston and Freeman Lee , both have competed copiously over the season and been rewarded with many podium positions and PB performances.

It was a very enjoyable evening at Cafe 8 above the HK Maritime Museum situated at Central Ferry Piers ,  Pier 8.  The bar will now become the AVOHK HQ for meetings.  The bar is part of a community initiative  and employs staff with special needs giving opportunity for employment in the main stream workforce.  The bar is managed  by John Macinven a fellow runner and AVOHK member .

Chris Watts  founder of Motion Dynamics gave an enthusiastic and extremely informative talk and demonstration on mobility, stretching , posture stressing the importance of good allignment to prevent injury and emphasizing it is never too late too correct imbalances.  We will be arranging a group work shop in late Summer for AVOHK members.



Overseas Meets and Asian Veterans
Bill Purves co ordinates our overseas Veterans participation in various meets and events.  There are several coming up including Taiwan March 12th/13th.  Most are track but some also have a road races.  The best way to keep informed is to get on his mailing list.   To get on the mailing list please send a message to Bill.

 shtb @  i-cable.com

Run for AVOHK , Road ,Trail and Track.
Martin Kennard and Mark Reeves have answered the call and will act as Club Captains for team and track races.  Martin will handle team entries for races that have a team option and Mark Reeves will enter AVOHK members into HKAAA track meets .  For the latter most require you to be a HKAAA member. 
Please check this website and Vicents newsletter and AVOHK emails for events, if you see an event you would like to enter as part of a team contact Martin on martinavohk@ yahoo . com
contact details for Mark to be advised for the meantime please use the avohk enquiry mail

Congratulations Boston Runners
Well done to the AVOHkers who ran at Boston on Monday April 20th.  was a cool 7 degrees perfect for AVOHK member and dedicated race organiser Freeman Lee to run a  super 2.44.59.  Congratulations to Elain Hall and Candice Stella both AVOhkers who also ran.  Elaine had battled back from injury so was well rewarded with a 3.25.

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